Saturday, January 14, 2012

A New Week

We had a great time at coffee this Monday last, meeting at Mountainview Coffee in Fountain Hills.  Quite a few familiar faces were present, as well as some new!  We always manage to fill the 2 hours with lots of fun chatting and knitting. 

This coming week, we are changing our coffee day to Tuesday and will be meeting at Basha's in Fountain Hills.  Being the adventurous ones that we are, we figured we would give a few different locations the opportunity to enjoy our company!  Aren't they the luck ones!!!

Been getting calls from customers for long arm quilting services, so it appears we are all moving out of our holiday modes and back into quilting modes.  As much as the holidays are exciting, it's nice to move forward into a more relaxing time for everyone.

This month, the Rusty Barn Quilt Show will be coming to town the last weekend of January.  That is always a fun show to attend with lots of vendors showing us all the new fabrics and latest quilting and sewing products out there.  We hope to see many of you there as we plan on attending at least one of the days during the show.

Be sure to keep us in minds as you complete those quilt tops, or even dig into that pile of finished but not quilted tops we all seem to accumulate!  We're happy to complete them for you.

Have a great January.....

Friday, December 30, 2011

About time for an update!!

Well, it's been quite some time since we updated our blog...and it has been a busy time since April.

I have relocated from Fountain Hills, Az to Gilbert, AZ.  Moving is not the most fun thing to do, but it did give us a chance to clean out and reduce "stuff" that we all accumulate.  We are really enjoying our new home in Gilbert, and enjoying being close to our grandson!  I get to participate in more of his activities, such as flag football.  Really worth the move.

Deanna is still in Fountain Hills, Az, but she and her husband are presently considering relocating to Washington state, to be closed to her daughter's family (mostly the grandsons!!).

We have severed our business ties with Just Bead It in Fountain Hills, and are now officially independent.  I am quilting here in Gilbert, but I continue to visit Fountain Hills weekly to stay in contact with friends there and quilting customers.  I am able to pick up/drop off quilts weekly to my Fountain Hills customers, so be sure to give me a call as your quilting needs arise.  Being in Gilbert has also facilitated ease of operation to my customers located in the Mesa/Gilbert/Chandler areas.  I am just a phone call away for everyone! 
Deanna is quilting from her home in Fountain Hills as well.  She is able to provide all services to customers directly from her house, so give her a call for any quilting needs as well.  We continue to "share" quilting services but are also aware that some customers have preferences for either one or the other of us.  Don't be hesitant to contact either one of us!!

We are looking forward to this New Year of 2012 and feel certain we can continue to provide quality customer and pantograph quilting.  We both continue to hone our skills, and are proud of our accomplishments.  Altho we have been lax in posting to our blog, we will make a definite effort to do so in the future, and to post pictures of quilts we have the privilege of quilting for our customers!

Thanks for supporting us...and being patient with our lack of blog updates.  We sure hope to do better in 2012!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Recent Activity...

Deanna and I have been busy with quilts that have come into the shop as a result of the 15% coupon we sent in our recent newsletter.  And it has been great!  Deanna is currently working on a French Braid quilt with lots of custom and computerized work on it.  I just finished several small wall hangings for a good friend and customer....and I have posted photos on line.  Click on the PHOTOS tab above to navigate to the pictures.

In case you are not on our email list, send your email address to us and we can forward the newsletter with the coupon for long arm quilting.  The coupon expires the end of April, so don't delay!  It's a great savings to get those projects finally finished and quilted.

We have also been busy knitting...yes, you heard right...knitting!  Since moving into Just Beat It we have become knitting knuts!  And to top it all off, we are both offering workshops/classes on a few projects.  Deanna is featuring cuff-down socks using the magic loop system, and I am offering workshops on the Wonderful Wallaby Sweater ( basically a knitted version of the hooded sweatshirt).  Visit PJ Britt and Just Bead It on her Facebook page, Just Bead It Facebook, for more details about these classes and workshops.  And don't forget to sign up for her newsletter also!

That's it for now.....short post but a bit of an update! 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Newsletter coming...

We decided today to start up a Desert Flower Quilting Newsletter again, so there is one on the way to all our customers in our database.  Our first new Newsletter is basic and gives information regarding our long arm services.  But we will expand our offerings in the future!

We want to be able to stay in touch with those that do not blog, and we feel the newsletter format works best.  This will enable us to stay in contact with our customers, offering specials and coupons for our quilting services.

Just as with any newsletter format, there will be the option to sign up to receive it in case you are not on our list; and for those on the list, feel free to forward the newsletter to a friend that you feel may be interested.

Watch for the newsletter tomorrow and in the days and months to come!

Spring is here, and summer is fast approaching, so be sure to get your quilting projects to us soon.  Last summer we were inundated with quilts which caused a bit of a back-log.  Be proactive and get yours in early so we can complete and return it to you that much quicker!

Monday, January 17, 2011 update!

It has been quite some time since we updated our blog, and we do apologize to all for that!  But those darn holidays crept up on us and we were just swamped with customer projects as well as our own. 

But here it is January, 2011 and we can breathe a bit easier and begin getting in gear for a new year!  We have had a few quilts dropped off recently and are having fun working on those quilts.  Deanna received her new Nolting long arm, and as an added bonus, she now has a computerized system on it also!  This thing is so darn neat.....she is becoming quite skilled at setting up the computer to quilt out beautiful motifs and patterns.  The precision is great and makes for and altho we both love the free hand, free motion quilting, the computer can't be beat for consistency.  Stop by and take a look when you have a few minutes.

Traveling Fabric Show....

A few weeks ago....ok, almost a month ago...we had Jeannie Chappell stop by our shop with her selections of fabrics for sale.  Jeannie usually frequents quilt shows (such as the AQS show in March) and has lovely fabrics and choices for purchase at those shows.  Well, we have managed to talk Jeannie into coming up to the shop about once a month to bring her that we all can shop without leaving town!  It was great fun when she came last month.  Jeannie has a good selection of yard and 1/2 yard cuts of fabrics and batiks; and if there is one that particularly catches your eye that you need more yardage, she will take your order and cut to length what you need when she returns to her studio.

The Lovely Jeannie Chappell

Can't keep your hands off this fabric!

Lots and lots to choose from....

Fabric shopping ladies

We are hoping that Jeannie can come visit us this coming Wednesday, January 19th, during our Coffee Time.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to shop til you drop....and have coffee and goodies too!

Quilts and More....

A new quilting/sewing group has formed at the Fountain Hills Community Center that meets on the first and third Thursday of each month.  I was able to attend the first meeting, and I have to say I am very excited to be able to be part of this fun group!  I would say there was 30+ ladies in attendance, and there were lots of quilts and other sewing projects to see.  The group is working on planning sewing days and other quilting/sewing projects. 

This is a great opportunity to meet and join with other ladies who share our interest in quilting and sewing (and lots of knitters there too).  So come join us....again, the FH Community Center, this coming Thursday, January 20th from 9am to 11am.

A Project Finished.....

One of the projects I was working on for the holidays was a bag for my daughter, Cassie.  She wanted one that would be a good size for traveling.  We came across the Amy Butler pattern for the Weekender Travel Bag and that seemed the perfect bag!  The fabric she choose was one from a few years ago, featuring prints by tatoo artists.  This one was black, gray and red with oriental dragons on it....sounds weird, but it actually turned out very nice.

I have to say, the pattern was not one of the easiest I have done, but the finished project was great.  I have posted pictures on the Picasa site, and there is a link to it under the Photos tab.  Take a's interesting.

There are more bags in my future, but most likely they will be my favorite, the Bow Tucks Bag by Penny Sturgis, and perhaps a diaper bag for a friend.  We'll post photos when they are done.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Zoo Lights and stuff..

Phoenix Zoo is presenting it's annual Zoo Lights show, and last nite I was able to attend along with my daughter, son-in-law and grandson.  We had a great time...the weather was comfortable, the lites were spectacular, and the company was great!  I encourage anyone in the Phoenix area to go, especially if you have kids or grandkids as they will really enjoy the lighted exibits.  Go to the Photo Album tab above and click on the link to see some of the pictures I took while there.

Deanna and I have been working on holiday quilts for our customers; we've even had a few brought in a bit last minute!  Deanna has sold her Nolting machine (as most may know, she is the Nolting rep for Arizona), and has a new one shipping any day now.  So in the mean time, we are down to my Lizzie cranking out the quilts.  No problem, tho...Lizzie can handle it!

Christmas is approaching...quicker and quicker as the days go by!  I still have a few Christmas projects of my own to get moving on, not to mention getting any shopping done !  It will all fall into place, I'm sure, but in the mean time...STRESS!!

We've added a few pictures to the Photo Album tab (there are links under the tab that you can click on to navigate to the photos); the pink and brown quilt I made for my niece who is expecting her baby girl, Rylee, on December 13th.  The fabrics used in the quilt were Moda Blush.  Really pretty tones of pinks and browns. 

Another quilt picture we've added is a batik quilt done for one of our customers.  Unfortunately, the pictures do not do it justice.  It was really beautiful, and so many people commented on it while it was on the long arm being quilted.  Kudos to our customer on this one!

Oh...also worked on a few bags, two made from the Bow Tucks Bag pattern and one from another Penny Sturges pattern that I can't remember the name of right now but it's a diaper bag.    The two bags were made to be given as Christmas gifts for a friend in Tuscon; the diaper bag was made for a friend of my daughter whose baby was just delivered today!  Great timing on that one!!

So, we will just keep chugging along here at Desert Flower Quilting.  Stop by and visit if you have a few holiday minutes to spare!  We'll have our Wednesday Morning Coffee each week as usual...oh! and we got a Keurig coffee maker, so you can treat yourselves to your own coffee flavor!!  Wooohooo!  So drop in, join us for coffee and fun.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


It's been a rough week here in quilt land.  We had a great turnout at Wednesday Morning Coffee, but I suddenly came down with the death grip cold that sent me to bed for two whole days!  Time I cannot afford to give over to kleenex and Triaminic!!  Then...getting back on my feet....we find out that Cindi has come down with her ever-popular stomach flu, or whatever that strange malady is that she gets now and then.  What's going on???  We all falling apart at the seams, or is the wonderful holiday season pressure just setting in?

Whatever....!!  We will not let this stuff get the best of us, and we will rise up and forge onward.  Well, kinda...

We're getting quilts done, at least.  And that is all that matters right now.  We had several quilts dropped off recently, and each of those quilt owners have had their names placed in our drawing for the Basket of Goodies to be given away next month.  Bring 'em in, stuff is always good!!


All of our notions are now on sale for 40% off!  Be sure to stop in and pick up those little items you may need...and at a discounted price!  (Batting is excluded)

All remaining fabrics are also on sale at 50% off.  See what we have left, and maybe you can find that perfect backing for that hidden-away quilt top!

So after all the whining....

Thanksgiving will be here next week, and we all look forward to spending time with family and friends, sharing our wonderful holiday meal.  Maybe we need to think about what we are really, really thankful for and celebrate those gifts.  Times are tough, going is rough...but still in all we have lots and lots of good stuff, good times, and especially good friends. 

Deanna and I are personally thankful for all the wonderful friendships we have made amongst our quilting buddies.  We have some great times, plenty of laughs, and even some good cries.  And we appreciate those friends greatly.  Thanks for being there!